How Cloud Computing Can Impact Your Business

Cloud Computing and Serverless Architecture (provided by AWS) has proved to be significantly beneficial for all businesses. Cloud computing can allow you access to your business date regardless of time and place – and from any mobile device. It is an affordable technology that allows small and medium-sized businesses to access technologies that were previously out of their reach and. moreover, allowed them to compete with larger businesses. The following are several ways in which cloud computing and serverless architecture can help your business:

No need to buy software

Cloud computing saves the need for you to buy any software for your business or have to continuously update them. Not only is this saving you the inconvenience of setting up and installing software on your own computers/servers, it will also save you some major bucks in the long run.

Saves the need for a maintenance team

The great thing about Cloud Computing is that the maintenance of all services or applications is handled by the cloud vendor and not you. This means that you will have no need to hire a whole team and pay them for doing things like updating and installing software or managing email severs or file servers, or run back-up etc. This will allow you to save up and maximize your resources and hence be of tremendous help to your business.


Cloud computing allows you to consolidate all your different applications into one multi application service. For example, Google Apps for Business comes with an email service, Google Docs for documents, forms and presentations, a calendar scheduling app, as well as Google Sites for developing websites. All of this comes with online file storage and costs around $5 per month for each individual on your account.


Cloud computing applications allow integration to be much easier. This is because these apps often come with Application Programming Interface (API). This will help you find compatible applications more easily, instead of having to bear the costs of having the applications you want especially integrated for you.

Cut Back on System Hardware.

Cloud Computing allows you to cut back on system hardware because the storage of all data is not in your own server, hence saving up all the space taken by file storage, software programs and data backup. This will allow you to keep your own computer equipment free of being clogged and hence free to use for any other purposes. In fact, cloud computing can even help eliminate the need for some of your equipment altogether.

Regular Updates

Since cloud computing applications are updated regularly on their own, you do not have to use any time or resources have to do this yourself. This will also allow you to always have access to the latest features, functions and technologies at hand.

As traditional desktop application continue to be replaced with cloud computing applications many companies are making use of online subscription based services that offer packages suited to freelancing, invoicing, reporting and expense tracking – all for a low price and very little maintenance. At Nymbus, we’re more than happy to share our knowledge and expertise on how to utilize cloud computing, what the individual impact will be to your specific business, and how to securely implement with processes and procedures that benefit the end user.