How To Incorporate Artificial Intelligence Into Your Business

Artificial intelligence tends to be associated only with corporations and tech giants like Amazon and Google. While it is true that it takes a significant amount of capital to integrate Artificial Intelligence into a business, small and large businesses alike are embracing the opportunity to set higher goals and achieve more by using Artificial Intelligence.

The truth is that there are already many AI tools available that can make an impact on your business, regardless of whether it’s small scale or large scale. The following are a few ways your business can make use of Artificial Intelligence:

Chatbots for Sales & Customer Service

There are several options available for developing your own customized chatbot on WhatsApp or Facebook. This chatbot can aid you in responding to your customer’s queries and save up your time, energy and resources. What’s more, you don’t need any special programming skills to creating a chatbot. You just need to be able to predict what your customers might want to ask. The chatbot acts as a user interface of your company, interacting with your customers for you.

Chatbots will not just help save your time but also reduce the friction of your customers, hence enabling them to clear their queries and allow space for other customers. The most commonly asked questions related to your business, such as ‘do you deliver to this area’ or ‘how late are you open’ can be effectively dealt with through a chatbot. Moreover, chatbots are capable of handling a large amount of queries simultaneously and hence will grow along with your business, without costing you any money.

Automated Virtual Assistants

There are too many things to keep up with if you’re trying to run a successful business. From billing, invoices and scheduling to travelling etc, it only makes sense to use some aid in order to stay in track and maintain a level of organization.

Although many small businesses are using remote assistants to get some affordable support for administration; Artificial Intelligence is now offering alternative solutions. It can be used to help follow up on emails, chasing people down for a meeting and aiding with you many other chores and tasks that take up your time, hence helping you run your businesses successfully.

Artificial Intelligence for Accounting

Finance teams of businesses small and large are using minibots, automation and adaptive intelligence. These tools are helping in automating tasks that are repetitive, daunting and tedious: hence allowing finance teams to concentrate more of their energies on strategic thinking.

As the tools available to small businesses increase over time, they will be able to use Artificial Intelligence to do more than just keeping track of the back and hence generate useful insights that will help them make long-term accounting decisions effectively.

The use of Artificial Intelligence can help solve day-to-day problems for businesses and help business owners develop a smarter, quicker and more efficient system to run their business. As the surge in AI usage continues to grow, as seen with the advent of Siri, Cortana and Alexa and Google’s translation services: make sure you’re keeping yourself in touch with the latest technologies being used by all businesses that might become inevitable in the future.

If your company is curious about more ideas on how to effectively implement AI into business activities, just let us know. The technicians at Nymbus are more than happy to share their knowledge and expertise.